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How professional is your brand?


Show how professional your brand is with a business portrait by Terry Farmer Photography! In business, image is often the difference between making the sale and missing the opportunity.  Use your professional portrait for:

• Marketing materials
• Business cards
• Website
• Social networking
• Employee recognition
• Public relations efforts and more!

Professionalism: You might be wondering what a professional profile photo entails. There’s really no one right answer to that. Your attire should reflect the type of audience you want to attract. Here are a few rules to abide by:

• Don’t use an old photo. It’s incredibly embarrassing to meet someone for the first time and not recognize them because the photo on their LinkedIn profile is from 1985!

• Use a photo of YOU, not and object, garden or your kids.

• Don’t have other people in your photo or photos where you’ve cropped other people out of your shot.

• Your photo should include your head and shoulders. Not a close-up of our face, or an image that is too far away.

• To ensure optimal lighting, have a professional photographer take a headshot of you.

Help build a trust with your customers while achieving greater brand awareness.

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