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Picture a face with a name!


Everyone seeks to put a face with a name. It is a name with a face that communicates authenticity with your clients, colleagues, and mentors. A professional business portrait by Terry Farmer Photography will provide you with a great first impression that opens the relationship door between you and your business associates.

Approachability: Your photo should appear welcoming, to help you reach out to contacts. You can accomplish this with your appearance, your expression, and your level of comfort in from the the camera. Here are some rules to abide by:

• First and foremost: SMILE!

• Relax. Take a deep breath and look directly at the camera.

• Have your clothing choice current, fashionable, and comfortable.

• Wear your most complimentary color or the color that best represents your brand. Bright colors can attract attention, but don’t go overboard. Avoid t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts, and busy patterns.

• Use a solid, neutral-colored background. Patterns behind you in a photo can distract from YOU.

• Use good judgment with your hair and makeup. Don’t overdo it.

Ask a trusted colleague for their opinion on which photo makes you seem most approachable. Then, don’t delay in getting your new photo onto your profile.

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