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Preparing your kids for a portrait session

Parents guide to prepare for the perfect children’s portrait session:

1. Schedule a morning appointment when kids are always more cooperative at the start of the day.

2. Have a nice, big breakfast before putting on your special outfits. There is nothing worse than trying to get a cranky, hungry child to smile.

3. Pick outfits that fit your kids style and personality. Coordinate kids clothing without overdoing it or having them wearing the exact same thing.

4. Do NOT bring your personal camera along to snap shots during the session. You’ll distract them. They will be looking at you instead of the photographer.

5. Quietly watch the shoot. If you are constantly telling your child to smile or behave, you are taking away authority from your photographer. Let the photographer do their job while maintaining a positive energy with the kids.


P.S. Get one shot with YOU and the kids!


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