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Senior portrait sessions available all summer long


Meet Kiersten! Terry Farmer Photography had the pleasure of photographing her this year as a 2016 senior model representative for the studio. She goes to Lutheran High School and enjoys sports. Here is a peek at a portrait from her summer session.

Call 698-6000 to schedule your senior session soon. Take advantage of this great weather, and the beautiful local scenery this summer. It will make a world of difference to choose a professional photographer with 25 years of experience with great location ideas. You are sure to have fun and capture memories that will last forever.

Choose our session from our selection on our website. 

Terry Farmer Photography
Voted 2014 “Best Photographer” by the State Journal Register and Illinois Times!
Winner of the “2015 Diamond Lifetime Award”
by The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards.

Best Friends Forever


Pen Ni Chng from Pleasant Plains high school is our featured 2016 Senior Model today! Pen Ni brought her best friend to her senior photo session. What better way to save the precious memories of a childhood pet than with a photo?!? Why not add a pose with your dog, ferret, lizard, bird or other beloved companion? You're sure to treasure these portraits for a lifetime! 

Call 698-6000 to schedule your senior session.

View a video of our senior portraits. 

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Terry Farmer Photography
Voted 2014 “Best Photographer”
by the State Journal Register and Illinois Times!

Attention all 2016 Seniors!!


Congratulations! You have finally made it to your SENIOR year! This will be such a memorable year full of exciting decisions... such as... who to photograph your senior pictures? Why not choose Terry Farmer Photography! Terry has 25 years of professional portrait experience, and is a trusted photographer who will help you capture your unique personality. This summer is the best time to schedule before the rush of senior year classes and activities. Next spring, have your graduation announcements custom designed with your favorite images. Make sure you “Like” us on Facebook to receive updated images of seniors you may know. Good luck! We hope to hear from you soon.

Call 698-6000 Terry Farmer Photography to schedule your senior portraits this summer!

Today, Lauren Blake from Athens High School is our featured 2016 Senior Model! See our video of 2016 Senior Model representatives. If you know Lauren or any other model in this video, ask them about their experience with Terry Farmer Photography.

Terry Farmer Photography
Voted 2014 “Best Photographer” by the State Journal Register and Illinois Times!

Q&A - About High School Senior Portrait sessions:


Ashtyn Freeman from Auburn is our featured 2016 Senior Model today! If you know Ashtyn, ask her about her experience, or call Terry Farmer Photography at 698-6000 to answer any questions you may have.

Here are a few of the more common questions we receive:

Q: How do I schedule a senior portrait session?
A: Choose a senior portrait session listed on our website under the Services tab. Call us at 689-6000 to schedule your session time on Terry's calendar. It's that simple!

Q: What time should I arrive for my session?
A: Arrive 10 minutes early. This will give you time to settle in and you’ll be more relaxed.

Q: Can I bring a friend?
A: Of course! It will be a fun experience you both can share.

Q:When do I get to see the images?
A: A viewing and ordering appointment is also made at the time you schedule your session. Typically these appointments are within 1 -2 weeks from the time of your session. During this appointment we will take a look at your images and assist you in picking your favorites. We can show you possible image groupings, cropping options, and go over all the creative possibilities. 

Call 698-6000 to schedule your senior session. A 15-minute consultation before your session will answer all your questions

View more information about our senior portrait sessions.

Terry Farmer Photography
Voted 2014 “Best Photographer” by the State Journal Register and Illinois Times!

Choosing the right location for your senior portrait session!


Kaylee Burg from Sacred Heart-Griffin high school is our featured 2016 Senior Model for today! Terry Farmer Photography prides itself on selecting the ideal locations that not only fit your style but also your personality. Rustic locations such as; Weathered buildings, old cars/trucks, and old store-fronts are a great way to feel like you've stepped back in time. Add your own modern accessories and favorite outfits to make your portraits truly unique.

Other types of locations are:

  • country
  • prairie grass fields
  • downtown
  • flower gardens
  • barn locations
  • interesting architecture locations
  • any of your favorites places to go

Choose an Elite or Premier Senior Session that not only photographs you in and out of the studio but also takes you to a location or two. Go to Senior Portrait Sessions on our website.

Call 698-6000 to schedule your senior session at Terry Farmer Photography. Voted 2014 “Best Photographer” by the State Journal Register and Illinois Times!